Ball Valve Seat


UFC Fluorogreen manufactures custom designed ball valve seats for many industries. Fluorogreen, when used in the valve seat, will improve the ball valve's life and performance. The Ball Valve Seat design is characterized by the number of features that improve the seal performance and the life cycle of any valve. UFC Fluorogreen carefully manufactures the seat according to each customer's design specifications.


Ball Valve Seats are designed to sit on opposit sides of the ball inside the valve. The seat assemblies act as a support ring sealing with the outer surface of the ball. The Fluorogreen Ball Valve Seat reduces the inward axial displacement under pressure and is able to withstand temperatures between -350 to +500F. One significant feature of the seat is that they are "floating" so that the ball can shift axially under pressure. The floating ball design avoids the need for similar supports or other costly alternatives.


The Ball Valve Seat UFC Fluorogreen produces is made of E-110, E-600, or E-900. Fluorogreen products are tested and proven unsurpassed when low deformation material is required. E-110, E-600, and E-900 use chemically modified PTFE material, giving the user ultra-low deformation characteristics in extreme temperatures.


E-110 Fluorogreen is the recommended material for use in sodium hydroxide (black liquor) applications as well as other petrochemical industries. E-110 Fluorogreen is an excellent choice for the most critical chemical and temperature applications.