Chemical Processing

A chemical process is a method or means of some how changing one or more chemicals or chemical compounds. The chemical process industry provides the building blocks for many products that are vital to the world's fundamental needs. This industry has been supplying gaskets and gasketing products to the chemical processing industry for over 50 years.

E-600 Fluorogreen and E-110 Fluorogreen have been the recommended materials for chemical processing. However, depending on the procedure other materials such as E-140 Fluoroblue have been used in the industry as well.


As one of the first filled compounded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) materials introduced to the industrial market in 1951, our manufactured products have been proven to be the highest performing materials in the industry. As a result of quality performance, UFC Fluorogreen has introduced a number of ground breaking gasketing materials designed to work in a variety of applications ranging from butadiene to hydraulic acid to sodium hydroxide to sulfuric acid. Only the best materials can be used is such harsh environments.