Bearing Plate

E-600 Fluorogreen Bearing Plates are manufactured for continuous digesters in the pulp and paper industry. Digester equipment can be costly to replace if it is not properly protected from wear. Process equipment has an extremely limited life and may cause considerable damage if not protected properly. UFC Fluorogreen produces Bearing Plates with E-600 Fluorogreen. This material can tolerate the chemicals and high temperatures used in these types of proccesses. Bearing Plates vary in size for different digesters. At no extra charge, UFC Fluorogreen can custom make your bearing plates according to your equipment needs. Molding capabilities are 12" X 24" and the thickness can be up to 1-1/4" thick.


E-600 Fluorogreen is the recommended material for use in sodium hydroxide (black liquor) applications as well as petrochemical industries. E-600 Fluorogreen is an excellent choice for the most critical chemical and temperature applications.


UFC Fluorogreen Bearing Plates have been in service inside Kamyr Digesters for the last three years by papermills in Northeastern United States. All  Fluorogreen products are tested and have been proven to be unsurpassed when low deformation material is required.


E-600 is also available in sheets and gasket material. This is also the material of choice in NASA's liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen processes. It is unequaled in performance in in the ever-changing, high tech space industry.




 ASTM Method


Fluorogreen E-600 





 Crep Relaxation %



 Compressability, Range %



 Tensile Strength, PSI






 Specific Gravity



 Hardness, Shore D-2



 Recovery %


Physical Properties

Temperature and Pressure Ratings 





 Fluorogreen E-600

1200 PSI

 -300 to +500 F


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