UFC Fluorogreen Gaskets


As a leading manufacturer of Virgin PTFE and PTFE filled materials, UFC Fluorogreen is capable of offering standard and custom sized gaskets to our distributors and direct sale customers. It is common knowledge that gaskets create a static seal between two members of a mechanical assembly and are used to prevent leakage. By utilizing our experience and knowledge any inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) gasket can be fashioned.


With our knowledge in conjunction with materials we manufacture, extra large gaskets can be produced and will outlast our competitors gaskets hands down. As you can see in the diagram, the Fluorogreen E-110 gaskets can hold up much longer which saves our customers out-of-pocket expenses, reduces labor and downtime to replace bad gaskets, conserves energy and have less impact on the environment. It is very common for our distributors and clients to contact us for oversized or custom design gaskets.



Applications frequently require a need for custom sized gaskets and customized parts and it is necessary to find a manufacturer capable of providing this service to reduce costs. UFC Fluorogreen has the ability to manufacture and machine materials using our knowledge and experience.