Pulp and Paper

UFC Fluorogreen is a leading manufacturer for high performance gasketing and sealing materials for the pulp and paper industry. With many of our products specifically designed for the paper industry, UFC Fluorogreen is now known to be the leading supplier for some of the largest pulping mills in North America.

"Pulp" is a common term for complex manufacturing process that involve the chemical treatment of various types of plant material. Wood is approximately 90% of global pulp production for the manufacturing of paper products.


Pulp and paper mills have saved millions of dollars annually by using UFC Fluorogreen gaskets and materials.  We understand that liquoring is mainly used for the breakdown of various types of plant material and is a very caustic environment. White liquor mostly consists of sodium hydroxide ad sodium sulfide in water and other accumulated salts.


Because "liquoring" is a very harsh environment most gasketing materials cannot perform and fail during this process. By using E-110 Fluorogreen and E-600 Fluorogreen materials many pulp and paper companies have reduced down time saving this industry millions of dollars each year.


E-110 Fluorogreen has been the material of choice in digestor applications, while the Fluoroflange gasket leads this industry in non-metallic extreme servicing gasketing.