Most concepts and methods used by the military and many of its systems are not found in commercial use. Nearly all items are researched, designed, developed and offered for inclusion within the military. With this in mind it is rare for these types of operations to seek objects or materials outside of their own organization.

However, the material sought after by some government and military entities is E-600 Fluorogreen. NASA, a frequent customer of UFC Fluorogreen, recommended this specific material to the United States Air Force and Lockheed Martin for use in their fluid containment propulsion systems. The E-600 Fluorogreen material is very reliable when low deformation material is needed and is particularly suited for use in very caustic/acidic environments such as gas separation and cryogenics.


Due to the performance E-600 Fluorogreen offers, this material is now commonly used by the military in different forms. UFC Fluorogreen is more than just gaskets. We also specialize in creating large plates and various sizes of billets in addition to high performance gasketing material. 


UFC Fluorogreen is the only manufacturer of E-600 Fluorogreen and is trademarked as such.  E-600 is an excellent choice as a general high performance gasket material and has been tested by both NASA and Lockheed Martin; it has been proven to be the most superior PTFE material on the market today.