As a production facility composed of a group of chemical engineering and converting certain materials into products of value UFC Fluorogreen provides materials for these types of environments.

E-600 Fluorogreen is a reliable low deformation material that serves caustic environments. Due to the excellent performance of E-600 Fluorogreen and E-110 Fluorogreen these two materials are used in processing plants and refineries. Both of these materials have saved the refining industry large amounts of money by reducing "downtime" and have also been known to easily be removed after use.


Both E-600 Fluorogreen and E-110 Fluorogreen have been used in oil refineries in various unit processes and for flow of products between the inlet crude oil and final products. As some of the highest quality materials this industry uses E-600 and E-110 in hundreds of different configurations. Not only has this industry used our gaskets, it has used these two materials on turnarounds, hot tapping, and other special projects.