Power Generation


UFC Fluorogreen has worked with the energy industry for many years. The United States produces the most nuclear enery, with nuclear power providing 19% of the electricity it consumes, while France produces the highest percentage of its electrical entergy from nuclear reactors.

In the U.S., the coal and gas electricity industry is projected to be worth over $85 billion by 2013, nuclear power generators are forecast to be worth $18 billion.


UFC Fluorogreen produces E-250 Diagonal Packing Sets for the power generation industry; this set is commonly known as the labrynth seal. Main shafts in processing equipment can also be costly to replace if it is not properly protected from mechanical wear from the usual lubricant seals. Ordinary seals commonly used on process equipment, have both an extremely limited life and may cause considerable damage to the shaft as it is sealing. However, it is possible to control internal leakage of fluids within gas and steam turbines, compressors, and pumps while protecting expensive machinery. The Diagonal Packing Set is installed at the bottom of the stuffing box as a first line of defense.


UFC Fluorogreen produces Diagonal Packing Sets out of E-250 Fluoromaroon and E-100 Virgin PTFE Material. E-250 is a chemically modified, unfilled PTFE material whose properties, over non-modified materials, are major improvements. Fluoromaroon E-250 is an excellent material in high temperature applications. It is especially effective for seals in rotating equipment and is also used to encapsulate metallic components for protection against corrosion. Fluoromaroon E-250 is the perfect choice as a general high performance material.